Awesome Tools for Online Collaboration

This week's EDUC 5405G class required us to explore the use of a new digital and collaborative project management tool called Trello. Although it's not the most recent tool (originally released in 2011), Trello's adept features for organizing and managing projects is often overlooked- Well, overlooked by me anyway. But, not anymore!

After being introduced to the tool by Dr. Power, my classmate Jesse (view his blog here) and I decided to put it to the test for managing our tasks as research assistants this summer at UOIT. In our roles, we are responsible, as a team, for ensuring that lots of fun and complicated research related activities get done...Trello integrated well with our existing team collaborative platform. (Below is a screenshot of the various Trello commands in the Slack environment).


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  2. Thanks for posting your reflections on Trello. I use it extensively with colleagues for work projects. I tried Slack integration, but didn't get far as my colleagues are very email-centric.


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